Four months later…

Isn’t that the title of some horror zombie movie or something? Sometimes I feel like a zombie but….


This blog is all about what it’s like to be new, and learning to be a developer. Well, I stopped being in that “omg I’m totally lost this is a different planet” right around my last post. So I had nothing to add about what it was to be newly learning something.

Of course, there is always something new to learn, that is not what I mean. What I’m thinking is, what is it like to be totally *new* to something? Well, for months, I didn’t know.

I still refer to myself as a junior php developer. I don’t know what else to say about it. Just today I was ruminating that I didn’t feel like I knew a thing at all, and then this morning (oddly enough) I saw someone else retweet this:

Well, I understand the sentiment, but after talking with my husband, I disagree. I mean, I ‘get’ that they’re being encouraging. However…here’s a summation of our discussion, and I tend to agree: “I don’t think you’re a developer until you’ve deployed something”.

Paranoid parrot says: Everything will go wrong. Yep.

So why the new post? Well, I’ve actually decided to learn something else. I hesitated for a long, long time. I mean, people harassed the platform I liked. I didn’t want to learn it because, I admit, I didn’t want to be in the “oh, you learned THAT?” response group.

For example, when I was first deciding to go from Python to C to…??? I couldn’t decide what to do. I knew what I did NOT want to do: Ruby. Why? Well, because everyone picked on it, and picked on Rails.

Seriously that’s why I didn’t want to go learn Ruby. Ooh, I thought, they’ll pick on me too. It’s even included in the “five languages about to DIE” post.

Um…yeah. I have learned in the last year that every group will pick on every OTHER group, and you know what SCREW THAT and just pick your passion and DO IT WITH EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT.

For the record I know two very cool Ruby people and I really don’t get why people pick on Ruby.

A few days ago a very vocal and prominent person in the community made this post…and I decided I needed to stop ignoring what I was actually GOOD AT and just dive in.

If you didn’t click on that link, it’s a post about how developers needed to stop picking on WordPress!

This blog is hosted on WordPress. I don’t even take the part off..yet :)

So the reason for this post: I’m learning WordPress!

Over the next while I will be updating with how frustrating it is to learn something totally new (yay!). I will be watching tutorials on (if you don’t have a subscription, geez, why not??) and I have a copy of the WordPress Bible for when I get more advanced (thank you Aaron).

So far I’m literally hopping up and down, scrolling through my MAMP powered installation, wanting to know what *all* the little folders and files do. Heh. I’m impatient. WordPress is powerful enough just using it like Your Mom would with her own blog, so I’m super excited to see what I can do with it once I peel it open :D


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